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CampWithUs Connect is an interactive, virtual platform that keeps Israel engagement a part of your community.

CampWithUs Connect is not just for summer camps! We welcome everyone who wants to explore their connection to Israel including youth groups, JCCs, synagogues and more.

When things change for the better, CampWithUs will still be here and we’ll be ready to bring Israel to your you.


Until then, check out our CampWithUsConnect virtual programs.

Participants discuss effective solutions to a more sustainable future offered by Israeli innovations. We’ll examine global challenges and some of the advanced solutions developed to address them. We delve into organizations that use Israeli innovations to improve water conservation, recycling and energy efficiency, that help make our World a better place.

Sustainable Future

Strengthening Your Israel Narrative

Participants gain confidence in discussing Israel by examining aspects of storytelling, exploring their individual Israel narratives and sharing them with their friends and peers. We develop the skills necessary to share one’s personal narrative with diverse groups of people by engaging the participants in a large group setting as well as in breakout teams.

Hollywood in the Holy Land

Israel has taken center stage in Hollywood for decades, not only as a narrative in films and television shows, but also thanks to the support of many celebrity figures. We discuss the history of Hollywood's support of Israel, and how celebrities can affect public opinion about Israel.

Not all criticism of Israel is antisemitism; however, some is. Participants learn to recognize the hallmarks of antisemitism and identify when antisemitism is disguised as criticism of Israel. Through imagery and videos we’ll examine the thin line between legitimate criticism and antisemitism.

How to Recognize Antisemitism

Participants will journey through the richness of Israel’s society and the unique people who add to its culture. We will challenge some of the things we've heard about what life in Israel is like and challenge some of our ideas of who makes up Israeli society.

Pieces of the Israeli Puzzle

For groups who previously participated in one of our programs, we now offer a live night tour of Jerusalem. Our guide will take your group through an interactive tour of the Jewish Quarter. The tour will end at the Western Wall where our guide will place your pre-sent prayers and wishes in the sacred stones of the Kotel.


This unique opportunity is offered at an additional cost for groups already registered for a CampWithUs program.

Follow Up LIVE Virtual Tour to Jerusalem

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