Israel, Me, and More

 Counselors are equipped with imaginative games, educational tools, and other resources to develop meaningful and enjoyable Israel-related activities.

Counselor Resources

Israel, Me, and More


 Counselors gain confidence in discussing Israel by exploring their individual Israel narratives and traveling through history using maps and viewpoints of different cultures.

Strengthening Your Israel Narrative 

Counselors gain confidence in discussing Israel by examining aspects of storytelling, exploring their individual Israel narratives, and sharing them with their friends, campers, and colleagues. 

Israel 101: Maps Tell the Story  

Counselors take a journey through the changing maps of the Middle East. Understanding these changes enables participants to develop meaningful programming about Israel. 

Same Time, Same Place, Different Narratives   

Israel’s history can be viewed through the prisms of different cultures. Through role-playing and theater games, counselors examine different perspectives on events, both current and historic. 

Israel, You Should Try It

Advanced Programs

Counselor Resources 


 Counselors are equipped with imaginative games, educational tools, and other resources to develop meaningful and enjoyable Israel-related activities. 

Israel in the Cabin  

Whether it’s a rainy day fill in or a response to a conversation that has just come up, counselors are equipped with a variety of simple programs on Israel-related subjects.  

How to Recognize Antisemitism   

Not all criticism of Israel is antisemitism; however, some is. Counselors learn to recognize the hallmarks of antisemitism and identify when antisemitism is disguised as criticism of Israel. 

Israeli Politics Without the Politics    

Israeli election processes can be confusing. This activity dives into the complicated process of coalition-building in Israel through a game that says a lot about candy and not one word about politics. 

Israel, You Should Try It


 Counselors explore the multiple facets of Israel engagement and Israel’s contribution to the world. 

Israel: Tiny Country, Huge Contributions  

Counselors learn about Israel’s humanitarian aid efforts and social justice initiatives. Playing a “survival” game using only items that have been invented by Israeli companies, participants gain first-hand understanding of how Israeli ingenuity helps people around the world.  

Sustainable Future   

Counselors discuss effective solutions to a more sustainable future offered by Israeli innovations. Using a set of games and experiments we’ll examine global challenges and some of the advanced solutions developed to address them.

Telling Israel’s Story on Social Media

Counselors examine new trends in Israeli innovation and explore ways to share them with their community using social media campaigns. 

Advanced Programs


 (Additional Cost)

 Counselors are introduced to cutting-edge, experiential, creative programs to inspire and motivate more engagement with Israel. 

Experiential Israel Programs (EIPs)  

EIPs are a new, innovative form of Israel education using the principles of experiential marketing. Counselors learn the basics of Experiential Israel Programming through active exploration of the programs  

Artists 4 Israel — Art-Based Programming   

Professional artists engage counselors with educational, interactive, and thought-provoking art programs designed to encourage unique and unusual conversations about Israel.  

Sustainable Nation Eco Doc and Discussion    

Through a film screening with a short discussion led by our team, counselors will follow three entrepreneurs using Israeli, sustainable water tech to help Indian and African communities and California farmers. These initiatives are helping to free women, and the world, from life-threatening poverty, illness, and lack of opportunity. 

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