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What do you say about Israel after you raise the flag?
Many Jewish summer camps raise the Israeli flag every morning. This generally constitutes the only touch-point with Israel for the entire day.

In 2018 StandWithUs launched CampWithUs to give counselors and campers the information and skills to discover their personal connection to Israel, to help others do the same, and to keep the conversation going. And it works…

Our very first summer yielded impressive results! The StandWithUs team trained over 1,000 counselors to help them bring Israel into the cabin with engaging, informed, and empowering activities. Traveling through history from times of the early Temple though the Farhud, from the “Let Our People Go” movement to free Soviet Jewry, to modern challenges, the CampWithUs team helped counselors understand why Israel matters to them and learn effective ways to share this central facet of themselves with campers, peers, family and anyone they meet.

The story of Israel is part of who we are. CampWithUs ensures that this connection and understanding continues to resonate long after summer has ended for the 12,000+ campers exposed to CampWithUs resources in 2018. We have the recommendation of national organizations including the JCC of North America, the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Association of Independent Summer Camps. We look forward to sharing this invaluable experience with even more camp counselors every summer.

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